Shaping a Vision & Mobilizing Commitment


Take  a few minutes to watch this video from Simon Sinek.  It applies directly to what leaders can do to ensure the success of a change initiative.   Don’t talk about the “what” or the “how” – make sure everyone understands the “why.”  Humans are hard-wired to make decisions based on emotions, not facts.  Appeal to their hearts, not their heads.

4 responses to “Shaping a Vision & Mobilizing Commitment

  1. Hi! Bob, How are you doing? Congratulations! on getting your site going. Looking good with the Recent Entries.

    What’s the latest with your work and projects? I have found employee and organizational development to be fit my passion and work, and put together a “white paper” at Maybe it might give you ideas. It would be great to talk and catch up.

    Regards, Randy

    Randy Bennett
    847 809-4821

    • First changes to the first replay, and then a comment about Shaping a Vision & Mobilizing Commitment

      The link to the paper in my reply above has changed to

      The link under my name and information is now

      I am excited about the golden circle and coming from why to what rather than the other way around. It reminds of when I was at Motorola University and Bill W, the President emphasizing that we have to look at why we are successful, what got us there. Because of we don’t know why we are successful, then we won’t know how to fix things and stay successful if something goes wrong. A Harvard business review article at the time reported that most companies stop the inquiry when they are successful and have arrived, or don’t really know what got them there to sustain the success or course correct if necessary.

      • Bob Von Der Linn

        Thanks Randy,
        I took a look at your white paper. Good stuff! Let’s try to get together after the holidays (I’m pretty busy until then)

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